Rebranding of Excelorators Club

Hello everybody! Welcome to, the new home on the web for our club. For the past few months, we have been working hard on our club’s rebranding, promo video and website. Here’s what happened!

Name Change

We are now officially called the Seattle Excelorators Toastmasters! Our former name of Excel-O-Rators Toastmasters Club has served us well, but, as we move toward having a stronger digital presence, the dashes proved to be less-than-ideal for our digital branding purposes.


Moreover, while our club has a strong profile, the lack of a location identifier has held us back from reaching more people in our area. As such, the club took it to a vote, and the majority of us voted in favor of adding the word “Seattle” to our name and removing the dashes so that people can find us easily. To simplify things, we changed our name to “Seattle Excelorators Toastmasters Club.”

A New Digital Presence

In conjunction with the name change, we launched our new website the same week. Our club number is 23, and our name is Excelorators. Hence, we chose as the URL isn’t too long, and it is easy to remember.

We are in the process of editing our video, which will be launched very soon. Do come visit us! We’d love to have you!

Jacqueline Miao, CC
Club President 2016, Seattle Excelorators Toastmasters Club

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