We Did It! We are now a President’s Distinguished Club!

20 years!

That’s how many years I heard our club waited to be President’s Distinguished again, and… WE FINALLY DID IT THIS YEAR! Wooh!!!!

Congratulations to all our members for all your hard work.

Your hard work paid off, and let’s continue this great streak under our new 2016-2017 President, Ardith Lupton’s leadership.

As the 2016 President who took over from Majeed Al-Zakari (who unfortunately had to move away), I can’t begin to express just how elated I am that our dual efforts have led such a great group of Toastmasters to achieve President’s Distinguished Status. I looked back at the past few years, and our club has struggled because the members were getting old and had no choice but to depart.

2008-2008 – 1 DCP goal met
2009-2010 – 1 DCP goal met
2010-2011 – 1 DCP goal met
2011-2012 – 4 DCP goals met
2012-2013 – 2 DCP goals met
2013-2014 – 2 DCP goals met
2014-2015 – 2 DCP goals met
2015-2016 – 9 DCP goals met, President’s Distinguished

Jacqueline Miao, CC
Immediate Past President and VPPR

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